Meet the Team

Business Development Manager

Specialties: Business Systems & Automation; Strategical Planning and development

Emily May was born in Thames, New Zealand and moved to the Gold Coast, Australia when she was 16 years old. Emily is a world traveller who came to America for the launch of a new business. Recently following the Pandemic initial lock-down, Dan and Emily started working together in Radio and testing the market to expand the Talk Radio audience to additional platforms.

Emily’s has worked the past 20 years as the Owner Manager of her own businesses. Beginning in Healthcare, Construction, Property Development, and Finance Industries, Emily’s skill sets have created a strong knowledge of what it takes to run a success operation – sales and marketing being key to any successful business venture.

With Emily’s strong background in Commercial Finance, she knows how to pull apart any business and look at it’s fundamental structure for performance. Emily’s motto is “Business fundamentals don’t change.” There is no business, in any industry, too big or too small a challenge for her. Emily’s strengths are grounded in Business strategy, Systems and Automation, Sales & Marketing.

Emily believes that in this modern day, most repetitive business tasks can be systemized and automated to free up valuable company time and resources, while providing an even better customer experience, and without losing touch with personalised customer service. Hardworking, fast-paced, Passionate, Honest, and a real Bulldog in Business!

A true Visionary, followed by executable planning and results.

Intrigued? Call Emily at (214) 773-1928 or [email protected]