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Johnny Chandler
Meet the Team

Marketing Consultant & Payment Systems

Johnny ‘The Piano Man’ Chandler is a locally born and raised in Milan, West Tennessean and has lived in Tennessee his whole life. Johnny has been happily married for 29 years and a father of four (two boys & two girls). Johnny is one of five Chandler brothers who all grew up and went to school with Dan Reaves, Owner Director of News Talk West Tennessee. Additionally, Johnny has been a professional musician for 35 years, as well as a teacher & director of one-on-one tutoring, groups, and School Band Director.

Johnny has been a business owner himself for his entire working life. As the Owner & Manager of multiple businesses in various industries, including a Music Store, Restaurant business, Rental Property Management, Payments Processing Systems for the past 20 years & counting, and Retail Business sales, you can be assured that Johnny knows and understands the highs and the lows of business ownership.

Johnny is a master of ‘start-up’ businesses and knows what it takes to work long hours, while also raising a family, playing professional music, maintaining a loving marriage, keeping up with a large extended family, and maintaining his spiritual practice and relationship with God. If anyone ever knows the challenges that come with juggling business and life while trying to maintain some balance, it’s Johnny.

Johnny has a master’s degree in patience and understanding and will listen until he understands exactly what you are telling him in every detail.  Johnny wants to learn and understand your business, what drives you & your reasons for being in business, your business needs, and challenges. Johnny won’t jump to give you immediate answers or advise, he will take away what you have told him and spend a lot of time and thought towards planning out all the solutions and ideas he can to help you take your business to the next level. Johnny is extremely kind and understanding, but you’ll be blow away by his business ideas and strategies which are absolute gold!

With Johnny, you won’t simply have a marketing consultant working with you, you will have a friend and long-term business you to help your business develop and grow. From the first time you meet Johnny, you will get a sense of his honesty, trustworthiness and integrity that are rare values in this world today and you will be happy to know him.

Give Johnny a call for a no obligation, no pressure chat to see what ideas he can contribute to helping your business grow to meet your professional goals today at (731) 217-3068 or email